1. Some stuff is on the way. I promise.

    I’m absolutely terrible at updating this blog but I’ll hopefully have some stuff to show you guys real soon.

    If you’re still Following me or if you’re a new Follower, THANK YOU.


  2. Far far away there is a Vast and Strange desert, known as Frisson.

    An Atmospheric Puzzle Platformer in which you must guide a lonely Girl on her Lonely Pilgrimage, through the strange and harsh desert of FRISSON.

  3. Also, oddly enough I’ve been finding a few videos of people playing the FRISSON demo. It’s an odd feeling to see people playing your game.

    This video in particular has no commentary, but is a full playthrough of the Demo if you’d like to check it out.


  4. Development Update 28/8/2014 - Where the fuck have I been?

    Yeah, I know. I’ve been neglecting this blog AGAIN. Been busy with some interesting stuff which I’ll get into right away.

    Firstly, been working on a game called VERSUS . It’s based of Achievement Hunter’s series of the same name. As I’ve been a Rooster Teeth fan for a number of years I thought it’d be quite cool to make a game for the community. 

    I also see as a challenge to create a 2D Street fighter-esque fighter in Unity. Something which I haven’t really seen before. So far, it’s about 80% done. The fighting and all the really important stuff is done and working perfectly. 

    Secondly, I took part in Ludum Dare this year. The theme (Connected worlds) was quite interesting. Managed to whip something up. It ended up being a little messy and a bit too ambiguous but it’s playable.

    The game is called Celestial. It can be downloaded for FREE here. 

  5. Here’s one of those “small projects” I was talking about.

    DOPESMOKER - The Game

    A Walking and Interactive Game based on the legendary album from Sleep.

    Drop out of Life soon! 


  6. Development Update and News 20/7/2014

    As per usual, I have been neglecting this blog in favour of my other avenue which is my Twitter. So if you really want to keep up with what I’m doing be sure to follow me there.

    In other news, I’ve been working on various things over the last couple of weeks. This is the main factor that is contributing to my neglect of this blog.

    - I’m doing some work on a small project for RoosterTeeth Community Games. A demo + Video is due out soon(ish), so that’ll be interesting for a good chunk of the RT fans out there.

    - FRISSON is now available on Itch.io and IndieDB for FREE. So go get it and tell me what you think!

    - Also working on one or two small games on the side, just to keep the Creativity “flowing” I guess.

    It’s been a slow and frustrating couple of weeks, but I’m working away. So hopefully things will improve.

    If you’ve been reading/listening/interested and of course Playing what’ve I’ve been doing these last 9/10 months, a MASSIVE Thank you goes out to you.

  7. FRISSON Trailer - “Low res”.

    An Abstract 2D Puzzle-Platformer about a Lonely Girl on a journey across a Vast and Strange desert known as Frisson.

    Gameplay and Sneak peak at FRISSON.

    Get the FREE DEMO »HERE«

  8. Added a new Sky system to FRISSON last night. It features a really nice and realistic moving Sky. Above are just some of the different type of Cloud structures and colours I can achieve. This’ll be great for setting the right mood!

    Also, this feature along with some others was just added to the New Demo version of Frisson!

    Which can be Downloaded »»HERE««


    An Abstract 2D Puzzle-Platformer about a Lonely Girl on a journey across a Vast and Strange desert known as Frisson. Use her ability to Move objects with her mind and explore this forbidden land, full of Puzzles, Riddles and Mystery.

    AVAILABLE FOR PC (mac and Linux soon)



    Be sure to spread the word and Reblog!


  10. Frisson Details and Important News

    So as you might have already guessed by now, my “new project” is in fact a 2D Puzzle Platformer called Frisson. Now, it may have become apparent to a few people that the aesthetic of this game has kind of been born from what Within Dreams is. It also borrows a lot it terms of the Mechanics, such as being able to Drag items around the screen with the mouse and such. 


    But this title is a lot more striped back and little less ambiguous that WD(Within Dreams). It’s minimalistic styling and puzzle design make it feel a lot more “fun” that WD. Also, the Abstract art style I’ve decided to choose and the new Protagonist is an effort to greatly distance myself from the endless "Limbo" comparisons I’ve received over the last few months of development.

    Now with saying that, this does not mean I’m abandoning Within Dreams altogether. It’s just being toned down and shortened a little more than I had originally anticipated. Frisson is going to take a lot less time to Design overall (which I’ll explain in a moment) and may stress me out less.


    You see, WD has taken far too long. Far longer than I wanted. Level design in itself, is far too elaborate and individual levels which in the end may take 5/10 mins to complete take weeks to fully design and tweak. When I actually release the thing, you’ll see why. Frisson on the other hand is made of simple rooms, instead of levels. Where the Player just has to focus on getting to the other side of whatever Puzzle/Obstacles may lie in his/her way. So in the long run, Frisson seems like the more relevant game to take under my wing.

    In fact, I barely prototyped the thing over a week ago and I currently have a 20 Level Demo/Alpha ready for release.Which I should be uploading sometime today for Free over on IndieDb and Itchio.

    But don’t worry, Within Dreams is still be worked on and it WILL come out. I promise.

    Be sure to stay tuned to the Frisson IndieDb page at : 


    My itchio page at :


    and finally my Twitter at : 


    Thanks again!